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Jack's AI powered marketing tools helps you write and edit high quality marketing content.

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Tired of spending hours brainstorming and writing marketing copy?

Your marketing copy should be fun to write, not take hours of writers block. Unblock yourself with Jack and spend time on what really matters.

Built to help save you time

Writing marketing copy takes time and energy. We know, we're marketers too. But Jack helps you brainstorm, create and finetune your ideas into real-life marketing copy.

Tons of tools to choose from

We know marketing isn't just about posting photos on Instagram. Which is why Jack has tools to help you write blogs, SEO content, Linkedin posts and many more. Oh and if you need any tools Jack doesn't currently have, Jack will add it for you.

Your data is secure

Jack understands the importance of trustworthy data security for your business. Our industry certified compliance assures you that Jack adheres to the tech industry's best practices. Jack allows you to focus on your marketing goals while keeping your sensitive business information secure.

Make writer's block a thing of the past. Come up with engaging marketing content in seconds.

Utilise the power of AI through cutting edge language models

Jack uses the latest AI models for high quality content creation. Jack ensures your business stays ahead of the curve and is employing the latest marketing trends.

Jack is always learning and improving to make sure it serves you the best it can. Jack is built by a team of AI experts that has your satisfaction in mind.

"An absolute timesaver, I'm so happy I found Jack AI!"

"Jack has freed up time so much of my time and has allowed me to focus more on our overall marketing strategy. We started with just a few people using Jack and now our entire marketing team uses it."

Dimitri Hoff, Founder & CEO, Social AI
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"Helps me stay on top of all marketing."

“By using Jack AI, we're able to utilise the power of Generative AI to create interesting and recent content. Jack has resulted in increased conversions for our marketing campaigns, at a fraction of the cost and effort.”

Michael Golding, CMO, Beacon
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Truly a marketing game-changer!

“I recommend Jack AI to every marketer in my B2B SaaS community because it’s the best AI tool for creating campaigns.”

Kassidy Speicher, Head of Growth, Hebbia
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An all-in-one marketing copywriting tool.
Some things Jack AI can help you with

Blog Posts
Jack will help you brainstorm ideas, generate an outline, write engaging intros and finish your blog posts. Jack will do it the way you want it done.
Social Media Posts
Posting across Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and other sites? Jack has tools for all the social media sites so you can tailor your content to the right audience.
Google Ads
We know how expensive Google Ads can be without the proper headline and description. That's why Jack helps you write effective, highly converting headlines and suggests long tail keywords for you.
Website Copy
To gain your customer's trust, it's essential you get your website copy up to scratch. Jack will help you write your website copy so that more customers convert.

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